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Music & Arts

Music and the arts speak a language that transcends the limits of words. At Emmanuel, we not only believe in the importance of training and equipping worshipers of all ages through music. We also tap into the creativity of visual artists within the congregation, enriching both worship and spiritual formation.

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Choirs for all ages

Children’s music ministry at Emmanuel includes opportunities for those age three an above. The preschool choir helps those children agres three through five to understand basic concepts of music. The children learn by listening, singing, creating and playing instruments


These concepts are expanded for first through third graders in Music Makers and fourth through sixth graders in Young Musicians. The choir programs build upon one another until the children emerge equipped to enjoy music through knowledge of its methods, its richness, and its ability to express their worship of God.

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When Emmanuel students make the transition from 6th grade to 7th grade, they are presented with a hymnal. One of the choir leaders will remind the students that our faith is a singing faith.


Teenagers are given opportunities to explore and develop their musical gifts as they participate in Youth Choir. The Youth choir rehearses on Wednesday evenings and welcomes youth from other churches which do not offer youth music programs.


The Sanctuary Choir is composed of all age adults who love to sing and who are willing to rehearse weekly to prepare for worship services. This choir is the heart of Emmanuel’s music ministry. It plays a most significant role in leading the church family to worship.

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