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Day School

Emmanuel Baptist Day School provides a comprehensive curriculum that integrates academic, social, creative, and spiritual learning for children ages 1-3. We offer age-appropriate activities that encourage children to participate in their own learning.

Boy in Art Class

Children who graduate from our school emerge as happy, creative individuals eager to continue learning, discovering and absorbing the world around them.

Developmental skills are taught through weekly thematic units that enhance children’s enthusiasm for learning. They experience a print-rich environment that fosters phonological awareness and pre-reading skills.


Language development and discovery learning are integrated throughout the school day.

Literacy is nurtured by learning to recognize the alphabet letters and their sounds.

Math skills are taught using a hands-on, theme-based curriculum.

Multi-sensory experiences allow children to develop problem-solving skills, conceptual understanding, and self-expression in a relaxing atmosphere.

Image by Josh Applegate
Play and Enrichment
Image by Erika Fletcher

Play is a very important part of our program. Children’s curiosity is enhanced when they are involved in their own learning. Thus, our classroom activities allow for movement, exploration, and integration of content.

We offer music classes weekly along with special Enrichment Classes on Wednesdays. 

  • 1s learn Sign Language

  • 2s learn Sign Language and Movement

  • 3s learn Science and Movement

Spiritual Growth

Opportunities for spiritual growth come from regular visits to the sacred spaces of our campus along with the introduction of daily prayers.

Gayle Carroll.webp

Gayle Carroll

Emmanuel Baptist Day School Director

Gayle Carroll’s passion for serving families with small children has been evident in her role as Director of the Emmanuel Baptist Day School since 2008. Hailing from Denham Springs, Gayle came to CenLA to study at Louisiana College, where she eventually met Greg. They married in June of 1992 and their joy multiplied with the arrival of William seven years later, and then Laura six years after that. Gayle loves spending time with her family: game nights at Carrolls’ are filled with laughter and teasing.



For more information call Emmanuel Baptist Day School at 318-442-7775 or email

Young Students

We are a Type 1 licensed facility. Emmanuel Baptist Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, handicapping conditions, ancestry, or whether or not a child is being breastfed. 

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